Niono Whiteface


“The way of the dark lord is not the only way.”

Niono, also known as Whiteface, Deadhand, and Silverliar, is an old gnoll of the Stormcross wilderness who teaches against the way of Yeenoghu. He has lived in the wilderness ever since, and they’ve never found his home. He is not a member of any known gnoll tribe.

Because he preaches against Yeenoghu, he is possibly one of the most hated enemies of the Yanogh, but he has had more freedom lately, since the Yanogh warriors are occupied fighting the Skyrrgh and cannot spare the time to search for him. He has begun to take apprentices to his teachings of what he calls ‘the old way’, which teaches kindness and mercy.

He is a silver-haired gnoll with a white-furred face. A black, ash-like scar runs along his left arm to his hand, which is visibly crippled. He is able to heal himself and others, but does not seem to be able to heal his hand or arm.

Niono Whiteface

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