Yanogh Tribe

“And then when I asked what drink he wanted, he screamed and beat me. I guess he wanted me to choose for him.”—a slave to the Yanogh.

The Yanogh Tribe is one of three primary gnoll tribes on Stormcross Island. They are more devout in their worship of Yeenoghu than the Nyoghr, but not nearly as fanatical as the Skyrrgh Tribe, with whom they are at war.

In their battles with the Skyrrgh, the Yanogh have lost a great number of their warriors, they are left mostly with a handful of the most elite, who have managed to survive, and the new recruits, who have not yet fought. The Yanogh forces fell quickly through the Plains of the Scourge, but have lost their land much more slowly through the Twistwood.

The Yanogh still outnumber the Skyrrgh two-to-one, but the Skyrrgh are much more individually powerful.

The Yanogh take slaves from their captives. These slaves are generally made to serve at the pleasure of the gnolls. Unlucky captives help train the new recruits by sparring with them.

Yanogh Tribe

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